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Changing Times

Times brings changes. This is especially true of the words people use. If I could go to Heaven and come back twenty years from now I probably would not understand half of what people were saying.
I remember when “Good Morning America” was what people said when they got out of bed. I remember when a mackintosh was an apple and a blackberry was something you put in a pie. Some words we use today don’t sound like what they mean. Ebay sounds like a place to go fishing, and uBid is what you would say to your friend at an auction.
There was a time when a pilot was someone who piloted a ship or a plane, and I remember when a web was something you swept off the ceiling. There was a time when an alcoholic was a drunk, and a beggar was called a bum, and when someone had a live-in partner it was called shacking-up.
In the good-old-days a panhandler was not in the kitchen and a person with pride was considered stuck-up. Now a stuck-up person has self-esteem.
The old way of talking may not have been political correct, but it was more honest and more explicit than the way people talk today. And you didn’t have to guess what they were saying.

—Louis Arnold